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* Being a associate friendly atmospheres and always creating most exciting work places,
* Our network reached at all the nooks & corners on the planet,
* Leadership in profitability and consistence of revenue growth for incredible expansions,
* Grow with the goal of our business as like "The Customer Care Continuous…",
* The 100 % credit goes to our Customers & Suppliers only for our successes,
* Simultaneously, our product and service network will be expanding to global.

In brief,

The establishment as a “MARUTI” in 1996s enabled us to develop a comprehensive range of solutions as a products & services to the global industries with a strong leadership. We at “MARUTI” are mainly supplies to Industrial & Retail products & services of Weight & Measures like, Balances - Scales - Systems - Weigh Bridges - Weights(MASS), with a wide range from 1 mg To 300 MT capacity. We are manufactured by the state-of-the-art units via advanced & updated technologies.

Our advanced Product & Service ranges are a result of years of R & D activities, use of advanced laboratories - centers and get feed back of years of experiences in as a true single source solution provider through our incredible networks.

Our sophisticated instruments along with the most user-friendly tailor made @hardware–software with highly advanced OIML approved standard technologies.

A highly trained & expertise team is always ready to serve you for the products & services and it will helps to achieve our motto. Simultaneously, our product and service network will be expanding to global.

Consequently, with the advanced microprocessor controller based technology, various new applications broadened our field of activities.